Skritt Poetry

First off, this is a bit of a break from the norm. Each of the poems in this post are written from the perspective of a quirky little race called the ‘Skritt’ in Guild Wars 2. I imagine they could as easily be the work of goblins from D&D though if properly adapted.

Hence they are very short little stanzas for the most part. Also, for my purposes each was written by a skritt, not a named one, just a skritt in the game, so I cite them in game to ‘Unknown Author(s)’.


~Skritt Poetry~

I like the shinies, yes
Yes, they glow!
So pretty fire, mmm
But it burns though!

Red, yes! Red and blue!
Yes, high in the wall!
Now what do I do?
Cannot make it fall!

Water cold, water warm
Water wet, yes! Wet.
Hide! Safe from harm!
No trolls come yet!

Rocks fall, yes!
Yes, in dirt!
Too tall! Yes!
You get hurt!

Can’t touch fire trolls!
They burn, they BURN!
Can’t just hide in holes!
No, no! Must learn, must learn!

Inspired by that one skritt in that one place: “Can’t touch fire trolls, can’t make them go! Oh, what now? What NOW???”

Cannot count on strength,
No, not when alone.
Must keep at arm’s length!
And not let them know!

Skritt smarter in numbers!
Yes, yes, make brighter choice!
Gather, gather my brothers!
Each must lend your voice!

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