Caution & Sight

A song about the mistakes of the past. War, greed, haste… Things that keep one from seeing the majesty of the world around them.

Caution & Sight

It is a dark night, and the shadows, they reach on mile after mile
While the moonlight in the meadows makes me don a gentle smile
I cannot see where the road goes as I travel on this eve
Yet it must be that the land knows what I have and what I need

For here do I find the beauty of man left to ruin in the dark
And fear that my kind, by our own hand, would leave the world so stark
For angels’ faces carved in stone – while beautiful may be –
Stain the places which left alone might bide eternity


It is a dark night and the shadows reach on mile after mile
But the moon’s light – as it glimmers and glows – beckons me to stay for a while
I may not see where the road goes as I travel through the eve
But I trust that the land knows what I have and what I need

Further afield with stars for my guide
And the cold wind’s close embrace
The might which I wield is that of the mind
As I take in all this place

Every detail is a mem’ry which I’ll share with you someday
Every travail is a journey we’ll declare for the dismayed

Lift up the heart by sharing our hope
Offer the start for those
Who dream of change by giving the weak
The strength for freedom to seek

Come and travel through the dark night, shadows stretch many a mile
What you have beneath the moonlight is the strength of friendship’s smile
You may not see where the road goes here within this veil of dark
But you will be with your friends those who begin to see the spark

Of life’s creation, the mystery’s beauty
And understand anew
This is a sacred, time-lost duty
To take every chance to choose

And to relish that you’re living now within a paradise
That is threatened by the drifting of both kin and endless time

Let us preserve what we’re able to save
Beauty of nature and that we have made
And so deserve to live through this day
That creatures of anger would make our grave

5 thoughts on “Caution & Sight

  1. I love all of the poems and songs on here, your truly amazing! I am using many of them (one above included) in the game I play using your pen name,Kathleen d’Tiers, as the author name. I am even making books in game featuring your work. Keep on writing, and I will get more people here!

    1. You so just made my day! The poems get written regardless of who sees them, but it’s nice to know they’re seeing some use! I love it! And I hope it helps set a mood in whatever setting you use them in! Happy gaming, my friend! 🙂

      1. My bard is getting more money than ever! Your writings are really helping my characters finances,not just that, it is also setting the mood for whatever RP we are doing. A lot of people are getting curious as to who Kathleen d’Tiers is, maybe you could come and join the game with us.

  2. Naeyni, I’m so glad to hear your bard is doing so well! And definitely glad the writings set the moods for the RP. That was the goal for me in sharing all of this, after all. As far as coming to game with you, it’s certainly a possibility depending on a number of things. I’ll send you an email about that.

    In the meantime, enjoy the poetry and happy gaming! 🙂

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