Little Wing

And another that is not setting-specific, though I wrote it for my GW2 bard. It was a song about the first bird she’d seen up close. A Ranger’s pet hawk by the name of Screech. 🙂

Little Wing

Take flight, my friend, high into the sky
And soar with wings above me.
Up there, my friend, what do you watch passing by
That we, down here, can’t see?

Who do you see wandering this green and fertile field?
Moving swiftly through the air, what does your vantage yield?
Creatures wreathed in majesty lingering below your speckled wing.
Does the speed that carries you steal you from the song they sing?

Climb with the wind where I cannot reach
And feel the thrill of the height.
Then soar down low and make heard your screech
My friend with feathers light.

Shrill can your call be over the grasses
Heard by all creatures nearby
Conjuring to mind tall mountain passes
Where you once were known to fly

Who did you see wandering in those cold, forbidding mountains?
Moving swiftly through the air did your eyes catch on the fountains
Of streams falling down from the heights far below you
Or did they stay fixed on your friend so true?

Tell me, little wing, what is your purpose?
Are you a dreamer’s kin?
Of all things true would you go the furthest
To say simply that you had been?

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