The Secret of Beetletun

Another song for the world of Guild Wars 2. the IC author for this is also anonymous if you choose to use it in an in game RP, but it is, of course, my work OOC, and you might point anyone you sing it to this way if you like. 😉

Seriously though, I don’t require you to cite me, just not to say the work is your own. Enjoy!

The Secret of Beetletun

Oh, ye Shire of Beetle-tun,
Whose towers once stood ‘neath the bright sun,
What do yeh see
With gaze norther-ly?
What can yeh say of that blue run?

Oh, ye Shire of Beetle-tun
Whose citizens toil ‘neath the bright sun,
What can yeh hear
Of their joy and fear?
What can yeh share of their less-ons?

Oh, ye Shire of Beetle-tun
With minister’s likeness beneath the sun,
Listen to thee
With streets full of glee!
How many visitors here come?

Oh, ye Shire of Beetle-tun
With floating fountains beneath the sun,
When did yeh grow
To be such a show?
When did yer streets find expan-shun?

When Caudecus took up his place here!
And Caudecus then showed his face here!
Here did he build,
And here lives he still,
At least when he’s not gone astray, Dear!

Disclaimer: For the record, the Shire of Beetletun is a town in Tyria, and Minister Caudecus is an NPC in Guild Wars 2. To these things, and these names, I lay no claim. My only claim is in the arrangement of these particular words.

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