Moonlight Song

Another song that was written for the Oriental Campaign I’m playing in. Again, this song has some intentionally odd phrasing and rhyming in it to convey the feel of it being foreign. Again, it is free for use in your own campaigns. šŸ™‚

Moonlight Song

See the snow
She dances for your eye
White and pale
Hidden in the sky

She must bend
Before the wind so cold
Touch of Ice
Upon the rock so bold

Dare you stand
Before the Moonlight song?
And you hold
Ideals you love too long

Cast your stones
Upon this ground
See them break
Without a sound

Fear and Hatred
Grace and Poise
Sailing high
Above the noise

Tempt the Will
Of just one creature
See it dance
Before your eye

Words until
Its every feature
Has a chance
Beneath the sky

Just to know
One heart’s measure true
Will not find
Much of more value

Let life lay
Freely in its way
Never bound
Never captured or astray

Passions seek
Within destiny
Treasure found
Treasure kept within the soul.

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