Foreign Grace

A poem written as a song for a campaign set in Oriental Adventures. I used some odd phrasing in here, but I did it intentionally to try and convey that it was foreign and being translated from another language. As usual, it is free to use in your own campaigns.

Foreign Grace

Let the sun to rise
Over this cold world
And before His eyes
We all are unfurled

Each a flag
Seen and flying
Proud but calm
Each a flag
True and trying
Ours to balm

Let the wind to blow
Dancing through the reeds
And our skin to know
Where the shy wind leads

Let us make
This sweet travel
Let us make
Hearts unravel
Sincere and sweet

Now the rain to fall
Down upon our soul
And the mist will pall
What might make us whole

Down it seeps
Deep within us
Damp and cold
Down it seeps
Through the precious,
Strong, and bold

The earth trembles ‘low our feet
And it tells us truthfully
Each moment precious and fleet
To be spent beautifully

Come and feel
With your being
Come and feel
This life’s meaning
Grace we bring

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