A Hymn of the Velrathi

Alright. This one is setting specific to a homebrew setting of mine. The pantheon of the Elves is known as the ‘Velrathi’ in my setting, and each of their major deities are mentioned in this hymn, though it predates the appearance of the only god not related by blood to the rest. You could adapt this if desired to suit other pantheons, though it prove a bit tricky. Still, hopefully it will still be enjoyable.

A Hymn of the Velrathi

Father Bear, look upon us,
See us for all of our worth
Mother of Frost, smile upon us
Bring not your chill to our mirth

Let our dreams linger in the frozen landscape
Of your southern home
Treat us so ginger that we may take shape
Among the life that you own

Distant Sun, shine upon us
Let thy rays guide our way
Silver One, dance before us
Please keep death yet at bay

Let our prayer reach you in the cold of the night
Neath the moon hung so low
And let it keep true in the morning’s warm light
As the sun rises and glows

Ye Stone Heart, soften for us
Be not hardened to our prayer
Gentle Heart, beat for us
And our burdens do share

Let our deeds move you in your divine grace
As we do strive for your blessings
Help us to prove to you we’ve earned our place
Please do not leave us guessing

Ye Cold Child, cry not for us
Let us not earn your anger
Kind Hunter, walk with us
Guard us with your nature

Let our will endure the coldest of days
Filled as they are with your trials
We must persevere under your gaze
Lest we be lost to your wiles

Oh beloved of the Isthanari
Family true in your divinity
Our faith is yours to see
Our hearts and souls we give to thee

We strive
…..To bring you pride
We hope
…..To make your faces glow
We serve
…..To prove our worth
And live
…..And live
And live
….. To earn your gracious gift

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