Tavern Song 1

Ah, so much for Mondays and Fridays hmm? Well, at least I made the Friday.
So one thing I often find I want in campaigns is tavern songs. They really help set the atmosphere of a tavern. Most of the ones I’ll be sharing here so far are pretty bawdy as the party traveled to a pretty bawdy tavern.

I hope you enjoy them though!

Laiadon’s Tavern Song

[Laiadon] And as pretty a lass as she really was
She never got her hands on me, lads, she never got her hands on me!

[Patron] And more’s the pity, Laiadon, more’s the pity for you~
She had hair as black as the raven’s wings,
The prettiest eyes I’d ever seen,
A smile that lit the cold night sky
And a gleam mischief in her eye

[Laiadon] Then I suppose I missed a pleasant night
But still I rose in the morning light
And you, my friend, with your knowing grin…

I guess you shared her carnal sins~

Perhaps a bit more if you don’t mind
A gentler tune or a wilder kind?
With the crowd we’ve got on the floors tonight
Let’s fill the room with a bit more light!

In this instance Laiadon was an elven bard and he had a magical instrument that produced glowing, floating musical notes. When he offered to fill the room with a bit more light he soon followed through with those glowing lights. 🙂

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