Common Prayer to Sune

A prayer to Sune of the Gray Box Forgotten Realms. Not truly poetry, I know, but similar and still written primarily for the campaign the character was in. Clearly some parts of this are campaign specific so they might be substituted for other graces the party has received should you wish to adapt it for your own purposes. As always, you have my blessing so long as you do not claim it yours. Enjoy:

Prayer to Sune

Sune, I know well you are fastidious. I pray that you will help me to be also, that no dirt might mar the beauty I have been graced with.

Sune in your grace, help me as I aspire to be as you are, to let what beauty I hold within me be visible on my skin and in my smile. To inspire others to rise to such beauty within and without by my example.

Help me to cull any flaws from my being, Sune, that I may better serve you and those I hold dearest.
That I may better strive to remove the unkind, the violent, and the destructive from this existence.

I wash myself of my sins and misdeeds, Sune, so I may better serve you in the spreading of love and the appreciation of beauty.
I wash away my reservations, such that they may have been when I first joined your clergy, that I may allow love to blossom where it will and where it dare not or cannot encourage friendship.

Grant me your passion, Sune, that I can inspire passion in others.
Grant me your wisdom that I might share it with those whose lives I touch.
Grant me your strength, Lady Firehair, so I may protect those I have accepted into my heart.
Grant me your clarity of sight, Goddess Sune, that I might find beauty in it’s most obscure recesses.

I thank you Sune, for the grace of my being, for the charm of my appearance, for the strength of my beauty.
I thank you for the words and actions that brought the Mother of Assamanius to our aid rather than our hindrance.
I thank you for the blessings I have shared this day, and the resolution of my dispute with Khelvar.
I thank you Goddess, for the strange companions you have sent to aid me in carrying out your will.

Sune, my Goddess, blessed are you in the eyes of your clergy.
Blessed are you in the eyes of the south.

Your beauty lifts and inspires.
Your passion strengthens and emboldens.

Sune, my Goddess, let my beauty do the same.
Sune, my Goddess, let my passion do the same.

By your divine example I live.
And for the world you would bring into existence through your priests’ hands I strive.

Let me know your will, my goddess, and lend me the strength to see it done.

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